Life and Times of the Arkansas Stucky Seven

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here are some fun pictures of Emma Hope's first Halloween, her first Sunday to dress up for church, her first Fall leaves, etc.! It also turned out to be our first Halloween without Alyssa as she was with the church "youth" doing all-day service projects and then a slumber party. It is a funny thing to have one child just starting new things while our oldest is branching out more and more!
Overall, all is well. Actually, Emma Hope's nighttime sleep could be used to set your watch by! Well, that was true until "fall back" one hour last weekend. But the biggest improvement is that she is laying down for bed without much fussing anymore! Which is HUGE, especially since Alyssa and Hannah share the room with her! And I think my internal clock must be getting used to the interrupted sleep because I am thinking much clearer now!
Emma Hope has her first appointment with our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Jackson, tomorrow. So we can post some actual "raw data" after that! We think she will check out just fine, but it will be good to have our Dr.'s take on everything now that she is home.
Love, thanks, and bye for now!

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